Neil Gaiman on when life is hard & things go wrong - MAKE GOOD ART.

Which made me think: I used to make a lot of (maybe some were good) odd ‘art’ of all sorts - paintings, sketches, clothing, wood-works, mini sculptures, take ‘artsy’ photos… Then I left home to study and only made ‘art’ occasionally. Which usually ends up being thrown away anyway - because there was no space in my room, they got in the way of moving houses, too much to carry, didn’t want to pay for extra baggage at the airport. Excuses.

Now I am free from the unforgiving chains of academia. I went to New York and stayed with a friend who majored in fine arts and was slightly jealous. (I wanna be doing that too!) ARTIST in NEW YORK. (Sharm if you read this, you’re amazing okayyy.)

Anyway point is… I was happier when I made more art. It felt like anything was possible and New York helped me revive that (There was so many art in the museums I was all museum-ed out). 

Life feels like a mini abyss now. So many uncertainties. I shall listen to Neil himself and make good art.

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  • 29 November 2012